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Equity and Social Justice Education for Educators


Our programs are offered by a fantastic team of women educators from diverse professional backgrounds and experiences. We welcome new team members. We provide free PD courses and some at costs as we are not funded. Any donations and support would be appreciated. Donations and funding towards our programs promote equity by building community supports in underdeveloped communities. Funding will support the low-income and homeless community in Hamilton, Ontario, sanitary facilities, and educational resources for children in their families in underdeveloped communities in Pakistan. Our vision is to connect with women educators around the globe in a forum that promotes social justice and equity for students and families that are underrepresented. We provide education to all educators seeking to promote social justice and equity for all their students, especially students who live in underdeveloped communities. By connecting via IMWELL Global Forum, we provide educators living in or serving underdeveloped communities support, resources and education. Our goal is to raise awareness, advocate, and be the change-makers who positively impact the well-being of students, their families, and educators living in and or serving underdeveloped communities.

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