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Programs are tailored to meet your specific needs—responding to grief, anger, anxiety disorders, narcissism, doubt, betrayal, abuse, gambling addiction, communication, separation, divorce, parenting, and other challenges, including low income and debt management.

Premarital couselling and consultant


Are you hesitant, afraid, or anxious about making decisions— needing support to ask the difficult questions? We provide individual and couple wellness and essential life skills consultation— supporting you and your partner before you commit to marriage. 

Pre-paretning and parenting help

Pre-parenting and


Programs are for clients struggling with relationships. Clients learn about child development stages and how to respond and grow together in a family that embraces equity.

Learn important behaviour etiquette to improve family and work relationships. I am confident that education on parenting can help prevent future challenges that many parents face with their children, especially in the early years and teens. 

marriage and family couselling by an education consultant, special programs for youth at risk and Muslim families in Canada

Marriage and
Family Program

Specialized Education Programs are designed to help develop individual and couple essential life skills that foster wellness and optimal development.
Social-emotional guidance and consulting services are based on clients' needs, addressing clients' financial and social-emotional wellness.

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