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How you can help 



IMWELL Goodwill Ambassadors 


1. Host  IMWELL Care Packages drives in your school, community, neighbourhood or workplace. 

2. Donate, fundraise, host drives,  and help distribute IMWELL Care Packages to people affected by poverty or any life circumstances that call for action for helping hands. 

3. IMWELL Global

Donate and fundraise for collecting funds for our washroom projects to help improve sanitary conditions in rural communities and schools affected by poverty. 

4. Help IMWELL make connections with people and organizations locally and around the globe that are working to help people affected by poverty, racism, abuse, neglect or any life circumstance that calls for action or the need for helping hands.

5. Advocate for equity, justice, social, medical, health and economic support for people in need of helping hands.  


6. Host an IMWELL Sports and Recreation event and mentorship program for children and youth in your community.

7. Mentor or supervise an MSA in your local community school. 

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Corporate Sponsors 


 Partnering with IMWELL Care Packages presents an excellent opportunity for your corporation to give back to the community while gaining exposure and goodwill.
•    We offer free advertising for your corporation as part of our partnership agreement. Let's discuss a mutually beneficial contract that highlights how your corporation can support our cause and benefit your business.

Many ways you can help:

 1.    Sponsorship: Purchase IMWELL Care Packages to support our cause directly.
2.    Donations: Donate items needed for our IMWELL Care Packages.
3.    Provide Space: Offer space in your organization for community members to purchase IMWELL Care Packages, either online or in person, thereby supporting our cause while shopping.
4.    Community Drop-off: Provide opportunities and space for community members to drop off hygiene items for our IMWELL Care Packages at your corporation's location(s).
Let's work together to make a positive impact in our community! Contact us to explore how your corporation can get involved.


IMWELL Global Forum 

Join us for the IMWELL Global Forum. 
See the Global Forum page for yearly highlights and updates.



IMWELL Community Connections 

Join us in supporting our partner charities that are making a difference in causes we deeply care about globally!

Your contribution will help fund vital initiatives and projects aimed at improving lives around the world.

Additionally, your support enables us to continue our local initiatives, making a positive impact in our own communities. Together, we can make a difference both near and far. Join us today!


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