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                                                                                     We are IMWELL Inc.

We believe that Canadians can be leaders in filling the gaps and moving forward with a clear vision of honouring equity and diversity for all humanity.

We are cognizant that disparities in social and economic community support, health care and education contribute to poverty. So,  alongside our partners,  IMWELL is working towards helping improve access to safe housing,  washrooms, water,  food, education, and medical and non-medical care that promotes wellness with a focus on social justice and equity for people in need of a helping hand.

Why are there so many people in need even though so many people give generously? 

We know many people and organizations are working to help people in need. However,  we believe that many are working in silos. 

Working in silos creates inequities; thus, resources are not allocated proportionately, and we have many gaps in our social and economic community support, education and healthcare system.

What we do to help!

We are working towards making community connections with people and organizations that are helping people in need.

We believe that Helping hands working together might improve access to filling the gaps and ending disparities! 


We aim to partner with organizations and people with a similar vision.

Our vision: To work together to help people affected by disparities in education, health care, and social and economic community support to help improve their quality of life.

The more helping hands helping each other, the more help we can offer! 

                                                                                                                                             IMWELL Inc.

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Helping Hands
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