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Join Us in Making a Difference

We Need Your Help: At IMWELL, we believe in the power of collaboration and leveraging the expertise of established organizations to maximize our impact. Rather than working in silos or starting new ventures, we prioritize partnerships with organizations already making a difference in society. These partnerships enable us to amplify our efforts and effectively reach those in need. However, we cannot do this alone – we need your help to fund our projects and partnerships. Your contribution, whether local, national, or global, plays a vital role in transforming lives and building a better world for all. Join us in our mission to make a meaningful difference today.

About Our Global Projects: Welcome to IMWELL Helping Hands, where our focus is clear: we aim to provide essential resources and support to those in need. We prioritize building washrooms and ensuring access to clean water and hygiene products for the most vulnerable among us – orphans, children from marginalized communities, schools for child laborers, and more.

Our Initiatives: Through strategic partnerships with organizations like Al-Khidmat, every contribution we receive translates directly into tangible outcomes that uplift and empower communities. Together, we aim to make a lasting difference through the following initiatives:

  • Inaugural Event for Sponsored Schools: IMWELL provides essential funds to ensure access to clean water and washrooms, enhancing the well-being of students and communities alike. Partnering with Al-Khidmat, we focus on funding schools for those impacted by poverty, orphans, child labourers, and marginalized women.

  • Sponsor an Orphan: We encourage students to raise funds through our MSA National Project. Together with their schools, we donate to reputable organizations such as Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan, Human Concern International, and Islamic Relief Canada, ensuring orphans receive the care, education, and opportunities they need to flourish.

  • Empowering Marginalized Women: We are dedicated to providing marginalized women with shelter and the tools for sustainable livelihoods, breaking the cycle of poverty and fostering independence both locally in Canada and Globally in Pakistan.

  • Local IMWELL Helping Hands Projects in Ontario, Canada: We directly distribute care packages, including hygiene items and water bottles, to those impacted by poverty in marginalized communities. Additionally, we provide support to individuals and families to navigate systems and improve various aspects of their lives. Each month and year, our initiatives are implemented according to funding availability. Join us in making a difference locally and globally. If you know a community in Ontario or any part of Canada, reach out to us to become an IMWELL Ambassador. We need all the helping hands!

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