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Giving to charity has been embedded in our team members since we were children, so we naturally want to help people in need of a helping hand.

Our story 

Growing up, I dreamed of being a superhero who would save people affected by poverty and drugs. As a grown-up, I realized so many people need help; I can't help all and certainly cannot save people, which makes me sad. But, this did not stop me from being a helping hand. When I was blessed with children, I raised them with the same passion for helping others my parents did with me. I knew we needed help. So,  I approached others to see if they would work with my children and me to help as many people in need of a helping hand as we possibly could. Fortunately, my idea to establish a not-for-profit, IMWELL Inc., was approved, and here we are today, a team of over 25 family and friends who work together to help people who need a helping hand. 

My vision is that, as the founder of IMWELL Inc., our team does not follow traditional colonial systems and that we adhere to policies that allow us to govern IMWELL Inc. without interference from political or other hierarchy interference or influences.


We strive to work with others to gain goodness for the sole sake of spiritual blessings. 

Through our journey

We learn that many amazing people are helping many people in different ways. Regardless, the sad reality is that too many people still need help. Many live on the streets in extreme weather; some are alone, some have made friends, and they all need food, water, safe shelter, hygiene care, social-emotional support, literacy and numeracy support, and so much more. 

Questions raised are why people live on the streets or in unsafe homes in poor conditions with limited resources and limited education and healthcare support.

IMWELL believes the answer is complex, and a cause might be that people and organizations are working in silos, and resources might not be allocated equitably.

What we are doing  to help fill gaps and build sustainable communities 

Our team has established  seven focus programs:

1. IMWELL Global, 2. IMWELL Helping Hands, 3. IMWELL Equity, Diversity, Anti-racism, and Anti-oppression Education 4. IMWELL Sports and Recreations. and 5. IMWELL First-aid Literacy and Numeracy support for people struggling with learning challenges. 6. IMWELL First-aid support for families that lost a spouse or parent(s). 7. IMWELL MSA National 

We developed these programs in response to inequities we see and have the passion and experience to help improve.

We also are partnering with existing organizations and people who care and, like IMWELL, are working towards helping people affected by poverty and other inequities. 

Our helping hands have been busy:

  • We collaborate with different community groups and not-for-profits by offering our help to support a cause we are passionate about.

  • We initiate and fund projects in collaboration with other teams to provide access to clean water, washrooms, hygiene items, education, food, clothing,  and other essential items to people who need a helping hand.
  • We present seminars and facilitate workshops for professionals working with children affected by poverty.

  • We present seminars and facilitate workshops for children who are affected by poverty, focusing on personal development, resilience and well-being. 

  • We are presenting our first seminar and workshop to help Muslim students structure and organize an MSA so youth and educators can engage in activities to promote charitable acts and good conduct in schools and their communities and normalize diversity and peace amongst all humanity. 

  • We host engaging sports and recreation events for children impacted by poverty. 

  • We tutor people who need help with literacy and numeracy support.

  • We provide consulting and guidance to people who live with learning challenges and need help with behaviour and social-emotional support at home, school, and in the community. 

  • We provide consulting and guidance and facilitate workshops to people working with people impacted by learning challenges who need help with behaviour and social-emotional support at home, school, and in the community.

  • We provide consulting and guidance and help find resources to support the educational, financial, social and community needs of people who have lost a spouse/partner or parent (s). 

Future projects 

Research and find important data-sharing statistics on resource allocation and inequities to help fill the gaps.

Establish charitable tax receipts for people who help support our causes. 

Establish a for-profit sector that will help fund our not-for-profit work. 


We have lots of work to do! 

We need more helping hands to help.

To find out how you can help connect with IMWELL.          

   The more helping hands helping each other, the more help we can offer! 

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Holding Hands
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