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sanitray projects

IMWELL Helping Hands 

Investing in Buiding Washrooms and Access to Clean Water Projects

We are a voice representing marginalized communities' need for social justice.


The present conditions create stressful environments, contributing to mental and physical challenges. We intend to prevent diseases by providing essential sanitary services and hygiene education to marginalized families and communities in Pakistan to improve health and optimal development while improving conditions that endorse dignity- a right we all deserve.  

Our initial project was launched in March 2019; we continue to fund washrooms for people who need a helping hand. Join us this August 2022 in Pakistan, where we will present workshops and sponsor a washroom for a school for child labourers needing helping hands.

Contact IMWELL to learn more and donate. 


Children who live in poor conditions at home are prescribed deworming medication, as shown in this image taken in 2019 by the founder of IMWELL.

With the help of donors, the Child Protection Centre, and AlKhidmat,  since 2019, we have been building washrooms for schools for orphans, child labourers, families, and communities in need. 

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