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  1. IMWELL Helping Hands

  2. IMWELL Global Forum

  3. IMWELL First-Aid Support for families suffering the loss of a spouse/parent(s).

  4.  IMWELL First-Aid Literacy and Numeracy Support for people struggling with learning, especially social-emotional learning.

  5. Equity, Diversity, Anti-racism, and Anti-oppression Education.

  6.  IMWELL Sports and Recreation

  7.  IMWELL MSA National Launch 2024


IMWELL Helping Hands

  1. Donate, fundraise, collect and distribute IMWELL care packages for impoverished people who need helping hands in Hamilton, London,  K-W, local areas, and rural areas in Pakistan.  

  2. Donate and fundraise for building washrooms and improving sanitary conditions for families, colleges, schools, and communities affected by poverty in rural communities in Pakistan. ​

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IMWELL Global Forum

International Multicultural World Education Leaders, linking together to raise awareness and promote social justice and equity in their community and globally for children and youth regardless of gender! 


IMWELL First-Aid Support for families suffering the loss of a spouse/parent(s). 

We are a resource hub for single parents seeking support to improve their educational, social and financial growth. Programs focusing on:

  • Mental health and community support access for marginalized communities 

  • Helping with finding resources needed to support widows and children/orphans with finances, education, finding a job and securing a safe home.

IMWELL First-Aid Literacy and Numeracy Support

Programs focusing on:

  • Mental health and community support access for marginalized communities and youth at risk 

  • Access to tutors and interpreters for students living with learning challenges 

  • Access to tutors and interpreters for students affected by poverty. 

Equity, Diversity, Anti-racism, and Anti-oppression Education for Social Sciences Educators and students focusing on Family Studies. Connect with Mrs. Khan to learn how to connect the curriculum to support your local and global communities impacted by inequities, especially by impacts of poverty.

Your students will feel that learning in the classroom is much more meaningful when actively engaged in community work. 

 1. Seminars focusing on: 

  • Food insecurity

  • Impacts of poverty on access to health care and education 

  • Anti-racism

  • Anti-oppression

  • Social justice

  • Civics

  • Anti-bullying

  • We are honouring diversity with a focus on intercultural communication! 

2. Education focusing on dismantling Islamophobia.

  • Addressing the insensitive labels such as Islamophobia associated with Islam. 

  • Implications of using mental illness terms loosely.

3. Advocate, educate and respond to the inequities in allocating resources and opportunities for people living in poor conditions. Help with distributing our IMWELL Care Packages and delivering workshops to people impacted by poverty. 

Proceeds from seminars, lessons, and workshops are donated to IMWELL Care Packages, education and health support and Washrooms for people impacted by poverty. 

 IMWELL Sports and Recreation

  • Advocate for people who don't have the opportunity to participate in sports and recreation.

  • Work with organizations to provide safe spaces and honour diversity and inclusion.  

  • Offer child labourers from disadvantaged communities opportunities to play games and participate in sports and recreation programs.

  • Our latest edition is our mentor program: IMWELL Ambassadors work with children who struggle with learning difficulties. IMWELL Ambassadors encourage children to enjoy sports and help prepare them to join a school or community.


IMWELL MSA National Launch 2024

IMWELL established MSA National to serve the academic, spiritual and extra-curricular needs of Muslim educators and students who want to network and require support for the progress of Muslim students and their mentors and supervisors in Canadian high schools and elementary schools.

IMWELL will supply an MSA Constitution and standards for high schools in Canada to your school or school board; this constitution can be modified to be implemented in elementary schools.

Seminars  and workshops will teach you the following:

Structuring an Executive and Membership

Constitution and Norms

Upholding good character and conduct

Spiritual Wellbeing 

Conflict Resolution

Establishing and Administration of a Prayer Room at School

Opening a bank account with a school/ finances/fundraising

Networking and collaborating across Canada

Eid Celebration/Events/Advocacy

Advisor/Mentor Recruitment and Training 

Khateeb Training by MSA Alumni trained by Universities across Canada with support from local Imams.

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