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Imwell Centre

We're a wellness centre. 

Our focus is on supporting people with learning challenges who need extra support with caring for their social-emotional health or that of someone in their life who needs additional help. 


We educate our clients about the fundamental skills required to address social-emotional health challenges to make the right decision for themselves and feel confident after that.

Our vision is to foster wellness and optimal development in our

homes, schools, and communities.


​We are committed to untangling the mess from inequities by working with community partners to fill the gaps towards ending the disparities in health, education and the system of justice in Canada and across the globe.


Our mission is to address your challenges and work with you to help you achieve your goals

Imwell Centre and IMWELL Inc. are qualified professionals who share lived experiences, and have worked for years to untangle the inequities - we believe that education and action help address and promote equity, honouring diversity and social-emotional wellness.

Join us to help promote wellness and fill the gaps that have long been waiting for helping hands.

Family Mental Health and Wellness
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