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Company Program Fees and steps to get your free consultation. 

Marriage, Family  and Spiritual Counselling

Parenting, Children, and Youth at risk

Fees: $ 30 per 30-minute session

Our education consultants are experienced in counselling individuals and families seeking support with financial, spiritual, social-emotional, commitment,  death, separation, divorce, anxiety, stress management, behaviour, relationship, toxic relationships, and unforeseen challenges.

Steps you take:


Your first consultation is free. We will work with you to find the right consultant who will be like your personal support coach, supporting you whether it be a one-time session, occasional sessions or a long-term commitment. 


We respect confidentially: with your permission, if there is a need for professional help beyond our scope, we might refer you to a medical professional who can help you a step further than our training and capacity. We can work with the medical professional and you, or transfer or share your file as you choose. 

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Family Mental Health and Wellness
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