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Not-for-Profit Sector




We are a not-for-profit organization.

Programs in this sector are free for the people we provide helping hands and for our Global Forum. 

Funding our programs and paying fees for Imwell Centre programs means you are: 

1. funding the employment of people in Ontario, especially racialized women who have been affected by racism, discrimination, and oppression and who otherwise are not paid for their time and efforts. In contrast, others are paid and acknowledged for their time for the education and mental health services they offer.

2. giving back by helping our dedicated team of volunteers and employees to help build sustainable communities. IMWELL team is grateful that we provide pro bona and charity work towards helping the homeless community in Hamilton, Ontario, Swat, and Lahore, Pakistan. 

We are looking forward to community partners, sponsors, and funding to help carry forward our plans to improve our communities' education, justice, health, and dignity. 

For details, refer to our Global Forum and click pages of interest to you.

A percentage of IMWELL Centre for Wellness and Optimal Development fees help fund IMWELL  Inc, programs. 

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