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Living in poverty 

Many children and youth are deprived of thriving due to taking care of younger siblings and their families affected by poverty—make a difference by funding programs that support schools for orphans and children affected by poverty.

Washrooms and Sanitary Project


IMWELL Consultant Manager, Dr. Nargis Ara, a Principal in Swat, Pakistan, approached me about a very intricate issue. Once we analyzed the situation, we were able to put a plan together and achieve exceptional results. Click join us to learn more.

Investing for Charity

We are working towards supporting marginalized youth and families in Pakistan and marginalized youth and families in Hamilton, Ontario, and surrounding areas. 

10% of proceeds from Imwell Centre consultation and program fees will be donated to building washrooms, sponsoring education programs, and non-medical and medical aid (mental and physical).

Building Sustainable Communities

Children and Youth at Risk

Promote crime prevention, join us as an IMWELL Goodwill Ambassador and learn more about how to support children and youth at risk in your community and worldwide. 

IMWELL Helping Hands

Promote social justice. Join us as an IMWELL Goodwill Ambassador to fundraise, and distribute IMWELL Care Packages to those in need. We aim to help feed the homeless and advocate for affordable housing and living for marginalized communities.


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