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Program Highlights

According to The Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario (HEQCO), one in four Ontario post-secondary students lacks basic literacy and numeracy skills (Joe Friesen, The Globe and Mail, 2018). IMWELL voices concern for students. We suggest filling the learning gaps by concentrating on students' conceptual knowledge during their early years through intermediate education. We recommend that secondary and post-secondary students go back to basics using the IMWELL First-Aid Approach to fill the learning gaps.

IMWELL schools, we provide consultation to schools that are seeking to untangle the colonial web. We work with your school and community partners within an anti-racism framework driving the organizational structural changes that foster a culture of equity by providing access to mental health and education supports for marginalized students to help fill the learning gaps.  

IMWELL, learning for students will help boost your confidence. We teach you to effectively navigate challenging situations that might arise during learning a new lesson at school or grasping a new concept while reading with comprehension or memory retention. Or in any aspects of life such as having an argument, losing a family member or friend, grief crisis, racism, bullying, transitions and adjusting to the norms of life during unforeseen circumstances such as COVID-19.

IMWELL learning for teachers is designed to promote educators' mental health and well-being— we are educators helping educators rise above the chaos we are faced with within our personal and professional setting.

IMWELL First-Aid Approach offers teachers consultation that focuses on learning gaps and differential behavioural instruction, equipping you with diverse ways of approaching challenging situations, such as responding to students presenting behavioural challenges, racism and bullying.

We provide seminars with a focus on intercultural communication to help with your professional development

IMWELL Early Years is designed to support educators with program development in a remote learning environment. Programs foster inclusion, focusing on learning difficulties and children's social-emotional and mental well-being in their early years—and practical tips on engaging effectively in collaborative work.   

IMWELL family promotes mental health and well-being. We teach you to effectively navigate challenging situations that might arise during the life cycle transitions such as: being single to married, to being a first-time parent, and parenting young children and youth, supporting senior family members, to making life-altering decisions such as changing a career, separating, and living with illnesses and unforeseen circumstances that contribute to mental and physical health challenges.

IMWELL Helping Hands is a team of family, friends and youth volunteers working together to help the community in need of helping hands. We donate, fundraise, and seek community partners, sponsors and community donations for care packages, food and water for people in need. We also donate funds to build washrooms in Pakistan. We always appreciate donations from the community and sponsors. 

IMWELL Sports and Recreation sponsors games and events for children and youth who want to play cricket, swim, or do other activities. Due to COVID, many programs are on hold.  

IMWELL Education, we provide education that promotes anti-racism, anti-oppression, dismantling Islamophobia and honouring diversity. 

IMWELL GLOBAL FORUM was launched in March 2019 in Swat, Pakistan, to celebrate Women's Day. The theme was fostering mental and physical wellness amongst students and their teachers. Sensitive topics such as hygiene and how to respond responsibly to students who present behavioural challenges were among the concerns educators showed the most interest in learning about.

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