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The Path to Mental Wellness

Personal Development Program for Educators

Are you struggling with coping with social, emotional, physical, and mental health issues from a lack of quality rest/sleep, physical/mental illness, overload, and burnout from personal and professional obligations? If you need help with self-care management and someone to talk to who shares experiences, I'm your go-to source. 

Professional Development Programs

Whether you're struggling with connecting with students, coping with personal emotional and mental health issues, managing and implementing day plans. Or working to foster a culture of equity, promote antiracism, support at-risk ESL students for remote learning, curriculum and classroom management— IMWELL is your go-to source. 

Our seminars focus on intercultural communication, which will support your professional development and improve your current situation.

Advocate for Change Program

Is the structural organization and culture of your school in need of a change? Are you interested in participating in action research? Refer to the Advocate for Change IMWELL video and contact me to set up a consult to learn more about setting up an IMWELL TREEAGE Hub that fosters a culture of equity and a health-promoting school.

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